My View On Feminism

When I think about feminism, I think about how there is no equality until differences are acknowledged and recognized.  That we don't start off at same places.  That until there is a platform for women, it is a fight to establish equal standing.

It is fighting societal expectations to pursue what is true, leveraging privilege to give voice to the marginalized, & standing by each other through thick and thin.  Here's to some of my ride or dies standing by in the fight of struggles and rights.

Technically Creative

It is my great joy to introduce- Margaret Rena Wang!  This reveal has been a long-time coming, and I finally pulled the trigger to take the next step in my events and floral design pursuit.

To catch every one up, I have lived in Washington DC for almost two years now.  They say that year two is when you move from entering to involvement in a community sphere.  You move from continual introductions to a better sense of belonging.  In my case, it hasn't felt as smooth as I'd imagined it to be.  Living in a transport city has me often feeling like I'm in constant fluctuation from being involved to reduced introductions all over again (more musings on that later for sure).  

The overarching sense when I think through my transition here is that- time feels like a constant stream of sand slipping away in the hourglass of life.  Like I was always trying to catch a moving transfer train and constantly missing the line.  So in light of this unsettling feeling, I finally decided to launch my website this past October, because it was about time.  It was time to intentionally pursue and create a line in what I was passionate about.

My unexplainable love for aesthetic beauty has always been constant in my life, and I realized that I had fought hard enough against my own instincts to only secure safe life options.  Through the continual encouragement of supportive friends, I am excited to invest myself further in pursuing my creative desires- that peoples' stories are worth celebrating through the beauty of design and the aesthetics of styling.

In the veins of those endeavors, last weekend I went up to New York to do a few impromptu styled shoot sessions with creative friends- Denise, Lily, and Shinny.  I came home with some fresh thoughts to iron out and wanted to share my musings in the process of finding value in creativity.  For a long time, I've denied myself the freedom to reveal another layer of my creative self, and have mainly only shown the technical aspect of myself as a pharmacist.  When I started coordinating multiple weddings and arranging florals for friends though, I was slowly able to express more my creative nature.  This time around, I was also able to explore working a new angle modeling in front of the camera whilst styling the florals!  I've always been an aficionado when it comes to capturing, creating, and preserving images of beauty, but never been an intentional subject or model.  Taking this step to embrace more of myself in front of the camera as both a creative and technical soul felt both exhilarating and jarring at the same time.  In my mind I was excited and also slightly self-conscious to be captured.  But in between searching for places to change outfits on the streets of Chelsea to chatting over several cups of coffee while location scouting with Denise, I was super encouraged to also hear her process pursuing the creative field having been both in front and behind the camera as well.  It made me feel not only more holistic, but also eager to find more opportunities to collaborate and contribute myself as part of the creative result.  With that being said, here are a few of the images captured- check it out!


photography: denise debelius